Indonesia - Bali (Seminyak)

8:30 AM

We moved the next day to Teka Teki Homestay, right in the middle of Seminyak. It's located 10-15mins away from the beach within walking distance. Surrounded with great bars, shops and restaurants, it's hard not to wander around the area everyday.

Before moving into this home stay, we actually had lunch at Motel Mexicola. Obviously serving Mexican food and drinks but what's not to love about this place, it's colourful and i'm a sucker for anything that is associated with funny and weird. I'm not an expert with Mexican food around Bali, nevertheless it's worth visiting this place for the feel of it. As for the food, we only had tortillas and burrito. I must say i did enjoy the food but if you want to try the real deal, i recommend Taco Casa in Ubud (check out our next post!).


It sounds like we're distancing ourselves from Balinese food to Mexican. I guess we had plenty of duck and traditional cuisine just being an Indonesian!

First of all, finding this home stay felt like finding a treasure. I booked this place after reading positive reviews and that's exactly what we got, a clean room with 2 lovely care taker and may i add accompanied by awesome dogs. (Scooby & Dian). Oh and a cat too who was barely there but as a cat lover, i understood the nature of cats and it's curiosity to get away. i feel ya Ringo!

Not to mention, once again we were questioned with the "where are your parents?" question. We told the guy who was in charge of the place "it's just the two of us!". He was surprised and said "it's really brave for the two of you to travel here in Bali, enjoy and be careful!". I kid you not, the amount of looks and question we get about our parents is crazy. I don't blame them!


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