Malaysia - Rawa Island

7:53 AM

My friends and I recently went to Rawa Island during our mid semester break and it was honestly one of the best trips ever. We stayed at Alang's Rawa. Rawa Island isn't as well known as other islands in Malaysia like Langkawi, and I never heard of it until my friend suggested it. This island is small and there are only two resorts.

We left early in the morning and took the train to the bus terminal - Tasik Bandar Selatan to go to Mersing. The bus ride took around 6 hours. Once we reached Mersing, the boat from the resort picked us up, so during this time we were in contact with someone from our resort.

Ok so I've seen photos on Instagram of what this island would look like and lets just say your expectation of this island does meet reality. We were all in awe of how perfect this island is once we got off the boat. White sand, clear blue sea, hammocks, your room is literally by the sea!

The first thing we did was ofcourse, swim! Had dinner and played jenga while reggae music was playing. Truly felt like I was living the island life. The second day, we went on a hike after breakfast. The hike was pretty easy and short but the view was amazing. Then we spent the whole day just being lazy swimming in the sea with our floats and kayak. I felt like we had our own private beach! There's also a waterslide that goes into the water. Yep. So we went on that which was so fun and jumped off the pier several times! After dinner, we just chilled on the sand talking till midnight with the resort's dog, Daisy chilling with us. On our last day, I went on the hike again by myself cause I'm always the first one to wake up, and when I got back my friends were still sleeping. After breakfast, we packed our bags and left. We felt so sad leaving the beautiful, gorgeous island! Everything about this trip was perfect.

Some information about Alang's Rawa:

- The resort has different types of room, we stayed at Coconut Tree.
- Five of us shared one room
- We stayed during the weekday which is cheaper than if you go on weekends
- Food is included in the package, but drinks aren't
- They have specific timings of picking you up from Mersing
- The website:

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