4:56 PM

Happy new year everyone! I started off the new years by starting my internship on the 1st of January and went to work just on a few hours of sleep, hope everyone had a good one! Just before the new years, I went to Singapore for a short trip. I have a friend that lives in Johor Baru (Malaysia), so I flew there which only took an hour. We then took the bus from Johor to Singapore. I was surprised at how close it was.

We stayed at a cozy little hostel called 'Shophouse The Social Hostel' which is located in Arab Street. We arrived pretty late and walked around with our luggage trying to find the place. Luckily, we found the hostel pretty quickly and I was so pleased with where it's located. It was surrounded by so many little shops, restaurant and lots of colourful wall art. It was also my first time staying at a hostel where I shared with strangers and it was a good first experience. I got the top bunk and the hostel has a rooftop as well.

The next day we had breakfast on the rooftop, got ready and walked to the train station. We first visited Gardens by the Bay and chose to visit Cloud Forest. There was a waterfall inside and we just walked around surrounded by tons of flowers. We then went to visit Art and Science Museum and saw the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition (it was free).  My sister went to Singapore last year so I got all the recommendation from her and there was this one cafe where I wanted to go, Plain Vanilla. We got off the train and tried to look for it. My friend and i thought we were lost cause there were lots of apartments and it wasn't exactly the 'tourist spot. We eventually found it! Along with some cute shops and a book store which I fell in love with. After all this walking, we were pretty tired so we went back to the hostel, showered, chilled and went out to explore Arab street properly. We went to Cat Cafe and had dinner at an Arabic restaurant.

When I said this was going to be a short trip, i meant really short. We were leaving the next day. We chilled at the rooftop on our last night and met some friendly people. The next morning we checked out, had breakfast at the cutest cafe in Arab street and went back to Malaysia! I love how easy it was to get around in Singapore. I appreciate places that allows you to walk around because you can't do a lot of that in Malaysia.


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