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I spent the last of December (last year) and early January back in Melbourne and i had so much fun considering i haven't been there for the last 3 years. Melbourne is a familiar face, i studied there for 3 years taking a Visual Communication degree and living there is nothing like back in Indonesia. Meet people who has lived there and they'll tell you how much they've missed the brunch, coffee, lifestyle, parks and more. I didn't know how much i actually missed all these until i went on this vacation. Hello memory lane.

One of the many highlights of this trip was definitely the beach hopping (hooray for tanned skin) and the road trips. We visited Great Ocean Road and went through a couple of stops and different areas. That day was beautiful, a bit windy though and the water was ice cold! But i couldn't careless because i have really missed the beach and rolling on the sand. For those who's  never been to Australia, summer is during December and winter during the month of June/July. It's no surprise i packed all my summer clothes but then expecting Melbourne to rain once in a while because Australian weather are the most indecisive. You never know when the wind will start blowing at you or the rain starts to pour. Always dress for four seasons!

A few days later we decided to go to Mornington Beach and went to Cape Schanck. It's a few hours drive from Victoria and once you get there, you'll find yourself an astounding view of the ocean and cliffs. We had to go through a 40 minute walk to get down to where the beach is and my friends wanted to show me the pool rocks. I couldn't help but fell in love with all these pool rocks, it was worth the walk to get there! The water was really clear and the tide was pretty high but it died down towards the end. We couldn't stop jumping into these pool rocks and enjoyed the day until it was almost dark. Mind you though, the sunset actually sets around 9PM during summer so it was nice to have a longer day.

While i was Melbourne, i also had the chance to see all my friends again and decided being the designers we are to visit at Ai Wei Wei & Andy Warhol exhibition that was being held in NGV (National Gallery victoria). I used to love going here and visiting all the free exhibitions! It was really good to be in touch with current designs and knowing that ai wei wei loves his cats (yay!)

New year 2016 in Melbourne turned out really fun, we had a rooftop picnic in one of the parking lot in Monash. yes…monash. Apparently the view up there was surprisingly nice, you could see all the fireworks and there was barely anyone there. We played a couple of drinking games, danced to Drake and 1D hah and talked about how ungrateful Zayn Malik is lolwhut (i think). After 12am, we decided to go back to the city, had ramen and by that time we were all trying to keep our eyes open because we wanted to watch the sunrise! We Watched the sunrise in the city where the hills are, near Federation Square. It was beautiful and to be honest i haven't stayed up  to watch the sunrise in a very long time.

One of the many things i have missed and long for is going to music gigs (i'm a huge fan of music and concerts!). i had the chance to see Mac De Marco live and watched him casually crowd surfing while smoking a joint, was rather entertaining and overall i had the best time. Stayed up until 2AM watching a standup comedy and an 'intense' weird performance by the members.

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  1. Sounds amazing! The Great Ocean Road is one of my favorites in Australia - we spent three days exploring the route, so awesome!

    1. Yes i agree with you! It has such a beautiful scenery and i enjoyed every minute of it

  2. My boyfriend's family is from Melbourne, but I've never been to Australia. It looks so dreamy! I'd love to go someday. Looks like you had a blast!

    1. Oh that's wonderful! You should definitely visit, try their coffee if you're a fan of that :)