Australia - Adelaide

6:30 AM

While i was in Melbourne, i had the chance to venture out on a road trip! We decided to go to Adelaide (because i insisted to watch Jamie XX there since tickets were sold out in Melbourne). Despite being stopped by the police for speeding, the whole trip turned out to be really fun and it was wonderful to see the vast land that could go on forever.

Being in Adelaide reminded me of the place i grew up in, it's a small city and everything is nearby which was convenient if we got hungry! We spent the whole day exploring the city and spent the entire day by the beach. It's very different from the Melbourne's beach, the water is less colder and the waves are not as rough. I absolutely loved it!

After the beach, we headed back to the hotel and got ready to see the gig. The venue looked like the school hall i used to go to which reminded me how we used to have talent show performance there. Funny just thinking about it. Overall, the show was amazing and i was at the very front. I felt pretty worn out by the end of the night especially after spending the whole day in the sea and not getting enough food. But no regrets, it was worth traveling to Adelaide just to watch him performed.

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